Sheri Rosensweig

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BIRTHDATE: 12/6/73



CAST: I'm a member of 3 casts: Transexual Misfits, The Castle Transylvanians and Transylvanian Nipple Productions

ROCKY EXPERIENCE: I didn't start playing Rocky until 1999. I started when the cast that I manage "Transexual Misfits" got their theater in June of 1999. We had a constant rotation of parts and I decided I wanted to be in the Rocky rotation. I got myself 3 different cute little costumes and started playing in our local theater. For the Philadelphia Millennium Celebration, I performed as Rocky at 4:00 am on New Years 2000. There were over 500 people crammed into the theater/bar, over 100 were turned away do to lack of space. Sal Piro hosted the show, and the Mayor of Philadelphia even showed up!

PREV. CAST(S): The Delaware Cast and Sincere Lust

OTHER: I play almost every part in the movie. I have them in order of how well I know them and how often I perform them. Rocky is my 3rd. I play Rocky most often for shows in Philadelphia, PA.