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LOCATION: currently, i live in myrtle beach, sc, but used to also perform (and occasionally still do while visiting) when i lived in anderson, sc.

BIRTHDATE: 06/20/78

OCCUPATION: im the "cast cripple" true...while living and performing in anderson, i played Brad and Janet, depending on whom we needed....but when our theatre closed, and we moved to easley, sc, i took on the role of Dr. Scott, due to a car wreck i had that permanently disabled me...i can walk, with a limp....and it hurts too, but i get by...i no longer need a wheelchair, crutch, or cane.


HOMEPAGE: i dont really have a homepage (yet), but ill give u the 2 casts that i perform with pages....F5's is & Backrow Productions is

CAST: i was the cast founder of F5...and basically started it when rocky came to anderson, later moved on to easley, then spartanburg, and now resides back in easley....but i moved to myrtle beach, sc, around the time it moved to easley for the 2nd now i perform monthly with the cast Backrow Productions of charleston, sc...i am also a part of the Sins of the South is basically made up of various members of BRP, F5, and one member of the savannah, ga cast, Pure SOS, we perform semi-regulary at the House of Blues in myrtle beach every 2 months, or so.

ROCKY EXP.: well, i moved to myrtle beach and started performing with BRP in november of 2002...the first 1-3 shows, i was Brad, but then quickly became Rocky when we found a replacement for me as Brad so i could replace the Blow-Up Penguin that was Rocky lol

PREV. CAST(S): when i lived in atlanta, ga, i worked at a theatre that started playing RHPS, and the 2 casts N9 and Lambda Psi Phi started performing...i got involved with a member of N9, and was drawn deeper into the realm of Rocky Horror, yet, i never really had the balls to perform with i just mainly helped out with cleaning and stuff....i never performed until i moved back to anderson, sc and formed F5.

OTHER: in all honesty, i probably now enjoy performing Rocky the most out of all the characters i have played...i mean, to me, it is a pretty big role (the one for whom the movie is named, no less), i pretty much have almost no lines to remember, and get dragged aroung by everyone else all nite lol...and also, im not as much on my feet in this character as others, and that is very good for me due to my wreck!

(Added to site on 9/26/03)