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Jessica F

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(w/ Nick)
LOCATION: Baltimore, Maryland


OCCUPATION: Theatre Student and Sales associate. Works at The Vitamin Shoppe



CAST: Transexual Misfits

TIME AS ROCKY: I have been playing in Rocky for about 8 years now however, I started playing Rocky for fun in 1995.

PREV. CAST(S): Satanic Machanics, New York (Part Timer), Frank's Babies (started cast), Castle Transylvanians, Fishnet Dreams and Stranger Things, Transylvanian Nipple Productions (Part Timer)

OTHER: I have travelled to NY, PA, and even Florida to play the character Rocky just for kicks. I don't really do him traditionally. I play it kind of girly and cutesy (unlike when I portray Frank). Sometimes I do it like an innocent school girl or sometimes I like to play Baby Spice Rocky and I tend to look kind of like a barbie doll. Since I can't even attempt to look like Peter Hinwood I just do my own thang. I have even been know to play a darker gothed out side of Rocky which can be kind of fun. I don't get to play the part very often any more, but when I do I always have a fabulous time :)

I had a blast performing Rocky in Florida with Interchangable Parts last year. I'm now on the Frank site and the Mags site :) Love to all my Rocky Shock buddies out there.