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Jannie Gunnlaugsson

Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
(w/ Scott Mullins)
Picture 5 *
Picture 6 *
(w/ Tammy)
Picture 7 *
(pic by Frank Paris)

* From the Charleston, SC convention in 2/04

BIRTHDATE: 12-16-78

OCCUPATION: Customer Service / benefits



CAST: Interchangeable Parts & Larger Than Life (annual cast)

ROCKY EXP.: I've been on cast since 1996, but I've only played Rocky a few times. My main role is Magenta.

PREV. CAST(S): Circus of the Night and I've guest performed with Denton High on many occasions.

OTHER: For a Switch Night in 2001, a friend let me borrow a gold corset-like top and I made a gold skirt to match. I even made a red "R" for the front and ended up having a lot of fun with the part!

I made plans to be in the Charleston, SC convention a little late, so the only open part was Toucha-Me scene Rocky, so I took it. I dug out my gold skirt that I'd made and wore a corset (since I no longer had access to the other top I'd borrowed before) and wore my Janet shoes (hell, I was going to be a girlie Rocky, anyway). It's neat to see the difference in how I look in the first set of pictures and then the newer con pictures after I'd lost about 70 pounds!

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